Gone are the days...

..when I used to reach the college before anyone else and write love quotes on the board with a hope that she notices it. The days when the quotes reached the top of her desk and if nothing works, there was always the excuse of borrowing her notes to cover up the missed class and write the same quote again in the last page of her book.

Gone are the days…

…when I saved the pocket money, hide it in my book shelves waiting for the bday of that special gal. The days when I used to roam around all the gift shops across the town to find a nice gift to present the gal on that spl day. The days when I saw a greeting, remembered the quote in it just for the sake of using the same in my custom made greeting.

Gone are the days…

.. when I nervously dialed her landline early in the morning to wish her but mumbled something and hung up the phone when heard her father’s voice instead of her’s. The days when I waited and stopped on her way to college and gave the gift. The days when a look of her made me reach the sky and a smile from her brought that twinkling stars down to the earth.

Time has changed and so do the ways of xpressing the love. Now I know her family like never before, every member of her family wishes me on my every bday. But one thing that never changed is my love for her and her friendship towards me.

Wishing a very happy bday to u.. my swt lil kid and of course to myself as well. Hope u liked the bouquet that I ordered on net and sent it across to you. Yup, time has changed.

Worldz becoming smaller by each passing day but unfortunately always larger enough to separate you from me.