Finally, Itz over…

.. for now and forever. No more swt lil memories with her. No need for me to write those stupid, never ending, sober posts describing my relationship with her and no need for u to comment on those sorrowful, so-near-yet-so-far-away, I-miss-her posts. But u can definitely expect her presence in some way or the other in all my posts which is happening for quite sometime now.

Abhey saala ... phir sey shuru kiya….

Ok… the thing is shez engaged. Shez not mine anymore (I mean..was she ever mine?.... I donno)

I would be cheating myself if I say that I can be happy without her. But I have to.. no other go. One thing is for sure. Though I could separate myself from her physically… damn.. the memories.. no way I could get away from them.

I talked to her and decided we’ll not have any sort of contact until I assure myself that I could live without her. Tough decision to make but I had to. We are departing for now. Wish to meet her one last time before this strange..temporary.. break-up.

Are u listening ... my swt lil kid :-(