small gestures really mean a lot.

Hi all, this is my first post ,impressed by my friends Rajen n Vamsi I’m posting this one. So whatz the topic then? Cricket..preparations for the WC 2007, downfall of aussies, Bengal tiger roaring again, teams concerned about the fitness problems,.. oh! No.. there are hell lot of articles in the news papers about these topics. So keep them aside. Letz talk something more general.

There are certain situations where little gestures from you are more effective than words. Gestures in the sense.. a gentle smile, blink of an eye, a pat on the back, rise of an eyebrow.. something like that. And mind you, the meaning of these gestures depends on the context of situations.

Think of a situation where you are standing in a queue in front of an ATM. You are waiting for the person inside to come out. Suddenly a man comes from behind and enters into the ATM even before the man inside comes out of it. Thatz really irritating right? Feels like blasting his face with ur fist… oops no violence.. now just give him a wild smile and I bet you, that will be much more irritating to him.. he will definitely think of it when he faces such situation again.

Similarly there are many other situations where you need to use these gestures. I ‘m saying it again the meaning of these gestures depends on the context of situations. I’ll end this post by quoting a scene from the movie I-Robot. There is a scene where the hero blinks an eye to his colleague. The robot sees that and asks the hero, “What does that mean?” The hero replies “Itz a human thing. You machines can’t understand that. It means “Trust”.” So small gestures really mean a lot.

Javascript Libraries

Today, I was thinking of developing a webpage that is very interactive.
Yes interactive. It's all about user interface baby!
If you are developing a web-based application then most probable technologies you would come across are Javascript(AJAX - using which I did my project in B.Tech), flash animations.

I wouldn't go for flash if I 'm asked to develop such applications. Instead I'll choose Javascript. Why? If you worked on internet technologies - HTML, CSS then I can be damn sure that you've a knowledge of Javascript. Flash is something separate. It's a product.

Almost all browsers (as I read it in books) come with javascript support. But, in order to use flash we need flash plug-in of course which is free.

Ok leave that stuff. I googled with the keywords "Javascript library". As usual I got lot of websites. I went to www.script.aculo.us from the results in the first page. It has got a nice front-page. You may think that all that work was done using flash. But not. Its through javascript. It provides a library(a .zip file) to download that contains a list of javascript files with the necessary functions declared in each. We can call these functions after including these scripts in our web-page. The web site has nice documentation and demos (http://wiki.script.aculo.us/scriptaculous/show/CombinationEffectsDemo).

I even visited YUI - Yahoo User Interface library site. YUI is huge.

All these libraries can be useful when you are developing web-apps.

Happy browsing!