Javascript Libraries

Today, I was thinking of developing a webpage that is very interactive.
Yes interactive. It's all about user interface baby!
If you are developing a web-based application then most probable technologies you would come across are Javascript(AJAX - using which I did my project in B.Tech), flash animations.

I wouldn't go for flash if I 'm asked to develop such applications. Instead I'll choose Javascript. Why? If you worked on internet technologies - HTML, CSS then I can be damn sure that you've a knowledge of Javascript. Flash is something separate. It's a product.

Almost all browsers (as I read it in books) come with javascript support. But, in order to use flash we need flash plug-in of course which is free.

Ok leave that stuff. I googled with the keywords "Javascript library". As usual I got lot of websites. I went to www.script.aculo.us from the results in the first page. It has got a nice front-page. You may think that all that work was done using flash. But not. Its through javascript. It provides a library(a .zip file) to download that contains a list of javascript files with the necessary functions declared in each. We can call these functions after including these scripts in our web-page. The web site has nice documentation and demos (http://wiki.script.aculo.us/scriptaculous/show/CombinationEffectsDemo).

I even visited YUI - Yahoo User Interface library site. YUI is huge.

All these libraries can be useful when you are developing web-apps.

Happy browsing!

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Bharath said...

Hey rajen..itz bcoz of u i got interested in javascript n css. Fortunately i'm working on the same topics right now...that was an useful post..