Me, My Bike and 10,000KMs

Rs.72000/- ….. 150CC….270kgs… Ebony Black…. Bajaj Pulsar DTSi…. AP9 BH 6466. Thatz my first possession. Proudly celebrated itz first birthday on April 11th 2008. Coincidentally, I travelled 10,000kms on my bike.

It was kind of a mixed journey with two minor accidents and more than two signal jumpings :-) . All this happened to be in Hyderabad. Therz a hard and fast rule with Hyderabad Traffic Police. Wear Helmet and they never check whether u have a license or don’t even bother if u robbed the bike. But…. but….but… this rule doesn’t apply in month endings :-). Though u wear a helmet and have all the papers, they’ll check for some or other violation of rule. A stylish number plate, half painted headlight, no rear view mirrors.. can be anything.. If nothing works finally they decide that itz a ‘No Parking’ zone and write a receipt for that. Hmmm…very strict.

It was my dream to have my own bike. Yamaha YBX was my first love. But when I saw Pulsar I decided to get that beast. I call it a beast coz in no way it suits my physique. One more obvious reason, my Lucky likes it a lot(I donno y I keep referring her in all my posts… hmmm.. tough to forget the one u luv the most). Anyways, finally when I felt I’m sound enough to buy the bike, I just went to the showroom , completed the formalities and got the keys in my hand. But I swear, I was really afraid when I thought of Hyderabad Traffic. Thanks to Moinu who helped me in getting used to the bike and to the traffic.

In this one year I became more n more comfortable with my bike, touched a maximum speed of 92 KMPH. Four galz got on my bike… two of them got married :-( . But my bike is still waiting for the gal who really matters the most..pcch..poor bike :-( .

I’m reaaaaaaaaaally tired of routine office work. Need a break. Wishing to go for a long drive with my Lucky. Hoping to happen it soon.

“How hard can you play when no one is watching(Sunil's quote)”. This has nothing to do with this post. Just felt like finishing the post with a nice quote.


Naresh.K. said...

Very nice post.By reading this everyone will definetely believe that u bought the show room bike@72K eventhough it is 2nd hand@20K.I think u are planning to sell ur bike.This post will be very helpful in getting the profit on it.
Guys thats y read comments bfore reading actual.

Bharath said...

Mr Naresh.K , in no way I'm going to sell my first possession . So how do u expect me to think of a profit on it.Moreover readers of my post are not so dumb that they don't know the price of the bike. Thanks for the comments :-)