మీ కోసం..

Hi all , back after a long time.. so howz it going? hmm busy with the software jobs.. huh ? Hope u people liked my last post "Small gestures really mean a lot".. So watz next? "Big gestures doesn't mean anything" na na na... don t worry thatz not the topic..

How many of u like telugu?..a weird question huh?..i'm sure most of the people luv their mother tongue..but the problem with these corporate jobs is we r forced to talk in a language which calls a beautiful girl as "miss" whom v never wanna miss.The advent of internet and E-mail made us to write the letter in english as well.

Now,for the people who r eager to send an E-mail in telugu, here is the site which i just came across. Check out the site "http://lekhini.org/".This provides a platform where u can write a telugu word in english which is converted into telugu ..confused? For example "elaa unnAv" is converted as "ఎలా ఉన్నావ్". I'm not sure whether most of u know abt this site or not,but this is an interesting one for those who love telugu. There may b other sites as well.This is a free one, u can type anything there and copy n paste wherever(I'm not sure whether i can use "wherever") u want..

In the beginning it wud b difficult to cope up with the words.. But as u go on it wud b pretty easy.On the right hand side of the site u will b having a table which provides telugu letters with an equivalent english letter. The site has got a gud Help text as well.

ఇప్పుడు మీరు చదువుతున్నది నేను లేఖినిలొ రాసి ఇక్కడ పేస్ట్ చేసాను.ఈ సైట్ మీకు నచ్చుతుందనుకుంట.ఎందుకంటె కొన్ని భావనలు తెలుగులొ చెపితేనె మధురంగా ఉంటాయి.....
మీ ,


MohanVamsiKrishna said...

అన్నయ్య, మీ సందేశము చాల బాగుగనున్నది, మీ మాత్రు భాష ప్రేమ కు వందనములు, దానిని మాతొ పంచుకొనందుకు ధన్యవాదములు...దొషములు వుండినచొ క్షమించండి మరొకసారి జరగకుండ చూసుకొంటాను .. ఇట్లు తమ్ముడు వంసి

Rajen said...

let's hope that someday all IT companies use Local language version of windows! :)