Luv n Pain

I don’t know how to start this post. This is not a thought provoking one because my thoughts never provoke anyone. I’m just trying to pen down (type down, to be precise) my feelings. I’m missing her. Yes, I’m missing her badly.

I know her from my schooldays. I loved her (na na.. 'attracted' by her) when I was in my +2 . I loved her (I’m sure , 'loved' is the right word here) when I was in my btech. Finally, I proposed her when I felt I 'can' settle in life. She refused gently.

She likes me but she doesn’t love me. I need her to be 'in' my life .But she just wants to be by my side. She doesn't hate me but she doesn't love me either.I hate myself for not being her love. I know I’m running out of time to win her love. But I can do nothing more than simply loving her. I heard convincing a girl is 'little' difficult. Thatz not true..itz toooooooo difficult. I’ll wait for her till the last possible moment, not sure what that moment would be.I don’t say, I can’t live without her. But life would be more beautiful with her.

In the bouquet of my friends there is a flower

Which has the sweetest smell, the brightest color

And the prettiest look of all

A touch of it takes away all my sorrows

A look at it makes me feel happy

Itz there with me in all my evens and odds till now . But I’m missing the flower now.

Luv U … my sweet little kid (she always likes if I call her “sweet little kid”)

Finally, thanks for reading this nonsense. I call it nonsense because love makes no sense if it doesn't succeed.


MohanVamsiKrishna said...

Congrats for dividing your grief with us.
Being with someone for the past 13 years and still if 'she' can't understand 'You', then the last line is true dts no sense.

Bharath said...

Vams..she understands me..unfortunately she doesn't luk me 'that' way..

sridivya said...

bharath..i can understand ur feelings..i think something better will come to u...live life cheerfully

Rajen said...

This comment is just to let you know that I read it.
One idea:
Just ask "her" to visit this blog. I am sure, she'll come to know you're feelings. Who knows your love may succeed! :)