So Close yet So Far Away

Warning: After reading this post don’t ask me ” y the hell have u written such a long post?” I tried my best to edit it.By the way this is one more version of my previous post.

Have you ever had a weekend when you felt that you are the happiest person in the world.

On the other side…

Have u ever had a weekend when you felt like you were so close to her yet so far away.

The above lines explain the two extremes of my feelings when she came here on 12th and 13th of July 2008.

Hmmm.. it took one and half years of arguments and two months of silence to bring her here, though I was aware that itz too difficult for her to come alone, just to see me and … only me.

Finally the day has come. Itz always a nice feeling when you know that the gal u luv the most is coming to see you.. just you. I donno y guys get too tensed when a gal is coming to see them, changing the shirt twice and washing the face thrice. Nonsense.. I’m not that type. oops.. where is the T-shirt that she said she liked in one of my pics? Oh! Here it is. So, what was I saying? :-)

The first place I took her was to the company where I work. Yeah.. I know .. itz not quite a romantic place to take such a beautiful gal but you can’t find a lonely place, to talk, than a software company on weekends. I showed her my cubicle, wandered round the office , had a chat for some time and came out. We went to Spicy Venue, a decent restaurant to have lunch.

As the sun started settling down we reached EatStreet. This was the last place we visited together when she was here 2 years ago. This is a place where you find hell lot of food and donno what to eat. Then we sat on the park just beside EatStreet where a number of fortune tellers irritated us to listen to what they say, which we never did. If it was my friend Kiran(name changed on request.. actual name is Naresh Kumar Kareti… not karate.. Kareti,works for TCS Chennai :-)), he would have told their own fortune :-) . Then we had a walk across the necklace road and drove back to her hostel.

Next morning we went to Birla Mandir. If I remember right, the last time I went there was with her and I never visited it in the last 2 years… reason.. I donno. Next place.. ADLABS..the new multiplex in Hyderabad and the movie..”Jaane Tu Ya Jaane na”. I felt she would njoy watching it…. with me. Did you.. my sweet lil kid ?.Hmmm.. wish to have the same climax for my story aswell :-). Ufff… hungry….there you go.. Minerva Coffee Shop.. one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad.

Now the interesting part, we had to catch a bus to Banglore at 5:50pm. We reached there by 5:15 and were waiting. 5:30.. 6:00.. 6:15. Good news… the bus got cancelled and no alternate one arranged. I swear, I felt sorry for myself coz if she doesn’t reach Banglore by 8:30AM Monday, she’ll just kill me :-) . Fortunately, we had seats in KSRTC bus and I was relieved. The only thing I remember in our journey was, me resting on her and holding her hand tightly or the other way round. Thatz when I felt I was so close to her yet so far away :-( .

Now, after reading this post don’t ask me whether we are friends or lovers. Shez my lover and unfortunately I’m still her friend :-(.


Naresh.K. said...

finally you revealed whatz there in each of ur hearts...did she tell you y she wanted u to be a friend not something greater than that?we want to know y she is so close yet so far away to u..

BTW..post is good..The way u introduced me is not good,anyway u used TCS...:-)

Bharath said...

Hmmm...Do you believe if I say, "therz no reason for y she wants us to be just 'friends'..?" u have to.She just likes the way we are now... thatz where I constantly keep arguing with her that we can't be like this 'forever'.

The style of introducing u... I copied it from another blog.. :-)