Simple things that can change ….

….the world around us. Wow…. Now thatz the start of a serious n boring post.

The society is messed up. No one cares for anyone. Everyone are selfish. No one feels the responisibility..Perfect.. you are absolutely right. Now… Do you ever question urself, “Am I a responsible citizen?” Don’t luk at me seriously.. it holds gud for me aswell. When I say responsible that doesn’t mean that u shud become an IAS or IPS officer and serve the society or join the army and fight for the country.

I’ll just try to quote some situations which we might come across hell lot of times in our day 2 day life, where a simple responsible act from us makes the world around a better place to live.

ATMs, Ticket reservation counters, Billing in malls..etc.,.. yup.. I’m talking abt following the queue. Everyone are busy and have some or other urgent work. But if you don’t follow the line it will become more confusing and irritating. If someone tries to break the line, say them softly to not to do that. If he/she doesn’t listen, raise ur voice and I bet at least 2 other people will join u. That will make things easier. Well, at ATMs I feel like changing the notice from “Only one person allowed at a time” to “Only one human being allowed at a time”

Have you ever seen these things in public places which say… “Use Me” ? thatz right…. Dustbins. Have u ever used them? Atleast have u ever felt like using them? You are sitting in a park with ur gal. She asks for coffee, you run all the way and bring it. You pay 10 bucks for it , have 5 sips of it and y can’t u take just 2 steps and throw the cup in dustbin. Now don’t ask me , “Will I reach the dustbin in 2 steps in every park?”:-) This is our world guys. Therez nothing wrong in keeping it clean.

How many of you switch the mobile phones to silent mode at places like cinema Halls and Temples? Plz raise ur hands…one..two..three.. wow almost everyone. Hey Naresh and Raveendra(names not changed :-)) raise ur hands properly. “Why should I keep it in silent mode?” Ofcourse Sir.. ur mobile ur wish. But you have no rights to disturb the people around u.

The one I’m going to mention is very common in Hyderabad. You are in the middle of a traffic jam and you are very well aware that in no way you are going to move unless the traffic is cleared. But still some guys blow horn continuously. Is it necessary? Just think once. Next time, tell ur boy friend not to do that :-). As we are talking abt traffic I’ll mention one more thing. Please don’t jump signals though I’m not the right person to say this coz I myself did that more than once. Yes.. at times there may b very little traffic and still the signals are ON. In such situations, go for it but be 110% sure that no other vehicle comes across ur way...may b in the next 10 seconds or more.

Finally, I’m no one to compel u to follow these things and if u r already implementing I would be more than happy. Still there are so many examples like using the footover bridge instead of running across the roads, using the indicators of our vehicles properly and so on.. But if I continue typing down like this my laptop will commit suicide. By the way, to follow these things therz no need to learn the so called corporate etiquette or be aware of the words like civic sense, social responsibility.. blah blah blah. We just need a little bit of common sense.

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