More than a month…

There are days when I never missed to meet her on her birthday...hmmm.. on our birthday. There are days when I travelled all the way from Hyderabad to Bangalore for no reason other than to see her. Even if I had any reason, it mattered only after her.

Itz changed now. Its been more than a month since I came to Bangalore and we met only once and that too for the sake of one of our mutual friend. Sep 17th was the last day when I talked to her .. heartfully. From then, all our conversations were on SMS. Every nite she sends an SMS that she reached safely to home and I reply back to it. This became soooo mechanical that she just sends “Gud Nite .. Tc.. Bye” and I reply back saying “GN..tc..luv u.. bye”.

We were never in this situation in the past 10+ years. I know I’m majorly responsible for this. Or may be , my sweet lil kid!! Can I say we both are responsible for this situation?

Itz a tough time in my life. But the toughest time is yet to come. I’ll let you guys know about the reason for this situation and about the so called “toughest time in my life”, in one more post. I never wrote a post with tears rolling out of my eyes… oops.. guys shudn’t cry. I’m trying my best to not to do that.

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