Some sweet lil memories with her

Warning: When I was in school I tend to hate History. Reason?.. god.. itz tough to remember dates. So, don’t try to remember the dates in this post coz they r in no way related to u and in no way useful to u.

I saw her for the first time somewhere in Nov 1997. Looooong back.. right?. It took more than a year to talk my first words with her. The two best things I liked about her, then and now are, her innocent face and her damn beautiful eyes. From then, it was a long memorable journey.

In these 10 years, before taking every critical decision, I used to think of her.. like.. if I do this, can I be close to her? Or does this decision take me away from her? … I never revealed this craziness even to her. One such decision was coming back from Vikas Junior College to the college where she studied. The reason I said was ‘Home Sick’. My dad would have beaten me up if I had told the actual reason :-).

The 2 years of intermediate was good. One mistake I did was expressing my love to her in inter 1st year, in an indirect way. I know, it was just out of infatuation. I laugh at myself when I think of it even now :-). We became good friends in 2nd year. Aug 10th , 2000, I dialed her number for the first time. I swear, my heartbeat doubled when I entered her home for the first time on 29th Sep 2000. But her family members were really nice. On the last day of our inter, ie., on 13th Apr 2001, she came to my home. I still have the paper in my wallet, on which she wrote,

When the golden sun is shining
When of others you are thinking
Just spare me a minute or toooo dear….

I felt bad when I didn’t get a good rank in EAMCET. She joined Btech in MITS and I had to go back to Vikas bcoz MITS doesn’t offer EAMCET longterm coaching :-). I used to call her on every Saturday. I received a letter from her on 24th Apr 2002, with her best wishes for my EAMCET. I got a decent rank and had my first handshake with her on May 17, 2002.

No surprises. I joined in MITS. I know it would be a bit embarrassing to be her junior. Hell with that.. I just wanna b close to her. I definitely had a good time with her in Btech, though I had to bear the “Who the hell is this guy” kind of looks from her classmates :-). We saw our first movie on 3rd Nov 2002. Ofcourse it was not just we two, our school friends were there. I was asking her for a long time to come out with me and finally on 1st Apr 2005 she did come to SnowDrops, the one hotspot for MITSians.

Suddenly I remembered that she was in her final sem. She will leave me soon. Yes, her family left to Bangalore on 14th Sep 2005. Ufff.. I had to spend one more year in MITS minus my sweet lil kid :-( . This is the time when I realized that I love her. From then, it was just phone calls between us. On 28th Feb 2006 she came all the way from Bangalore with a good news that shez selected for Satyam and had to report in Hyderabad.

And then, completion of my Btech, job hunt, travelling between Bangalore and Hyderabad, it just went on. But whenever I went to Hyd, we used to meet and have fun. When I decided to continue my job search staying at Hyd, she got a project in Bangalore and had to move there. Hmmm.. I wasn’t happy for myself but I was happy for her as she always wanted to stay with her family.

There are hell lot of dates to be mentioned where I had some good memories with her in Hyderabad. It needs one more post to type down all of them :-).

And ofcourse you all know about July 12th and 13th 2008, of which I mentioned in my last post. Hmmm…you may feel..” why the hell did he remember all these dates?”… well.. I donno… I just feel that these are some of my sweet lil memories with my sweet lil kid.

And finally, ____________, the day when she accepts my love.

Unfortunately, the above blank will never be filled :-(


chintala said...

Gud bharath.. in remembering all those dates...soon tat blank will be updated :)

Praveen Kumar said...

I feel still u r in the war field and fighting to win the war....
So "I lost the war" post is not correct. :)
Never give up. Wish you, win the war. In case if u loose!!! I wish both of you get "still rarer" ones who makes you fell "YOU HAVEN'T LOST THE WAR"

Bharath said...

Hey praveen.. thanks for the nice words.. Good to know that u follow my blogs regularly :)