Cry Out Loud

I’m confused… I’m vexed… I’m tired…. And the thing is I still love her. I just can’t think myself without her. I donno why and donno what I’m upto. I’m trying every possible way to convince her and shez trying every other way to reject me and surprisingly we still talk to each other.

She supports me, encourages me, cares for me, cries for me, likes me and doesn’t love me. Hmmm.. thatz the hardest part…Shez so close yet so far away. For the past couple of years we are just going thru hell. Donno when it ends. I can see only two options, either ‘we’ would be happy or she would be happy. The second one seems to be more optimistic L.

They say time heals all wounds but all it's done so far is give me more and more time to think about how much I miss her. I feel like crying out loud, as loud as she cud hear my heart saying…. my sweet lil kid!! I luv u and don’t wanna miss u.!! . and I always wish these should be my words when the last tear drop rolls out of my eyes.

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