It was pleasant

I started this post couple of weeks back but since my reviewer was busy it took me forever to post it on my blog. Ok… that wasn’t a joke.

After a looooooong time I did something different. Different from doing the regular office work.(come on guys.. I do work) , different from waking up early in the morning (u know wat a s/w engineer means by early..) and different from watching every damn movie that is released. The thing is.. I started going for a jog. So, whatz the reason for this new resolution.

Flashback: For a better effect switch-on the ceiling fan. Look at it and rotate along with it. Now stop and look into my flashback. I suppose this is a joke so please try ur best to laugh else directly go to next paragraph.

I used to be one of the best fielders and runners in my cricket team(Have we had a team?.. I remember so). In fact Jonty Rhodes took fielding tips from me. Check Jonty implementing one such tip with his finger tips.

I used to jog for 4Kms with ease when I was in my inter.(well.. this is seriously true). But now, while I was playing cricket last Saturday, I found how hard it is for me to run around. As Sidhu says, I was like a pregnant woman competing in a 100m race. And I seriously decided to keep my body fit.

For me, to wake up early in the morning(no.. no.. not the early that I mentioned in the first paragraph…this one is the real early) is as difficult as asking the hyderabadi autowala to turn on the meter. Don’t believe? Try it once. Ask the autowala to turn on the meter, he’ll step out with such an anger as if we have asked him to commit a murder or asked Sachin Tendulkar to retire.

Anyways, finally one good day, I had the alarm on @ 5:45AM. After couple of snoozes I woke up, stepped out of my room with the jogging shoes, went to the near by café, had a cup of tea, came back and slept again. Ah… this start-from-the-next-day attitude…somehow I did overcome it and went for jogging the next day.

I should tell you it was really….really pleasant and the slight drizzle was an added attraction. After a long time I have seen scenes like retired uncles picking up milk packets, pretty gals playing badminton, not so pretty gals painting rangoli in front of their house, paper boys practicing javelin throw with the news paper.. etc…etc..

Moreover, if your ipod is playing songs like one love… as long as u luv me… jiya dhadak dhadak… nahin samne… u’ll just forget everything. U’ll not remember that ur love life is in trouble(Did I ever have a luv life?.. I donno), u’ll not remember that ur performance rating is not satisfactory and most importantly u don’t even remember that your office doesn’t have a free coffee machine anymore.

While I was jogging without actually remembering the above things I saw someone jogging backwards. By all means it has to be Naresh.

Yes, there you go… “hey buddy! Why are you jogging backwards?”

“I transformed myself from having a family pack to six pack. Now, inspired by Kareena and Rani Mukharjee I’m trying for size zero. So I’m implementing reverse engineering ”. Saying this he disappeared into the falling mist… backwards.

Perfect. But I’m still trying for a six pack so I continued my jog forward :-)


Mohan Vamsi Krishna said...

I wish you a.. Six pack physic, Sixty Kg body, six feet height, wd ur six of clock, sixty minute jog.

I will so start jogging tomorrow, believe know d meaning of tomorrow.


Bharath said...

arey babai ga... anni blogs comedy ga undaalante kudaradu ra... iena neeku munde cheppa ga.. idi antha baaga raaledu ani... sare le... next time rasavattharanga undela try chesthaa