19th Feb 2010

…travelling to madanapalle after a loooooooong time. Vamc is returning from Swiss. The date has one more significance in my life. Not so significant for this post so will talk abt that later.

Itz been more than a year since I went to my favorite place. Itz always nice to go back to a place where u spent the best days of ur life… where u had the most memorable moments and where u met the most memorable person.. ok .. ok.. person
s of ur life.

I stayed there for more than 10 years… right from my school to my graduation… Itz like my second home. So many friends, quite a few disappointments, innocent school days, unforgettable college days.. to sum it up… hell lot of memories…

Naresh asks me why do u always want to come to madanapalle?… all our friends are scattered across the globe, its very rare that every one show up there at a time…well…. I donno.. I don’t have an answer for that. Whenever I visit mpl u can see a smile on my face.. as simple as that.. does it sound like a valid reason? :-) .. come on guys… life doesn’t run on reasons, it runs on memories… OMG.. thatz one heck of a dialogue :-)

Ok.. a tidbit from my travel… u might have read my post Jab I Met .. something similar happened this time as well.. I met a new friend (donno if I can call her friend… coz v haven’t had much conversation). A B.tech graduate, not so shy (night travel… sitting beside a handsome guy like me..
ok.. don’t laugh.. continue reading.… gals rarely prefer it), a bit conservative in the talks… all in all.. she was nice.

Not until the bus halted for dinner we had our first talk. Just a casual one. our educational life, our Siddhartha college, her family, my job.. blah.. blah… blah….. oh yeah…and about her headache(hope itz not bcoz of me :P). Then we fell asleep or rather she fell asleep and I was listening to music… donno when I closed my eyes. Later in the night when I woke up she was right in front of my eyes, sleeping like a small child. It was bit cold and she was wearing a cap… I should say.. she appeared soooooooooo cute and innocent. I was just looking at her, donno how long.

At the end of our journey, when I was abt to ask her email id, she asked mine :-). I gave my official id bcoz littleheartb4u@gmail.com would sound a bit odd at that moment :P . Fortunately or unfortunately I dint have her id. So, need to wait until she mails me, if at all she does. Somehow, while I was getting down the bus I said to her that she was very cute with the cap on. Whether I get a mail from her or not, it was yet another memorable journey.

Anyways, this is the first half of my post. In the next half I will share with u the fun moments that I had with my friends. Catch u later…


Mohan Vamsi Krishna said...

Its time to be more careful, as u reviled that u r waiting for a mail from a gal.. Babai will not even hesitate to create one and try to fake u .. careful buddy..!!

Nice to have you here with us for this 2 days (which went out like 2 mins), u r a true alter-ego for me. Except in this Jab V me episodes, which i never had at least one.. My next travel is on March 9th..Ltz c how lucky m i ;)

with love..

Naresh Kareti said...

Buddy Bharath..Please tell me the seat number that you always book. The holiday was good because it was not meant for alumni.Luckily mechanical guys didnt see vamc near the college.
Hope we will meet in Hyd after your apartment gets ready..

Mohan Vamsi Krishna said...

Dear Mr.Naresh Kumar Kareti..

Ayena...Neeku seat number tho pani emundi bey.. u always uses dt Foot Board kada?


Rajen said...

that was very interesting...

I noted down the top dialogue in the post :)